2nd COORDINATION MEETING of the multi-year Project G5244 “Graphene/Polymer based Sensor” Funded by NATO Science for Peace Program

Date 6-7 June, 2019

Place: Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the ASCR, v.v.i. (ICPF), Prague, Czech Republic


NATO SfP G5244 Project Co-directors: Radmila Tomovska, Jadranka Blazevska-Gilev, Yvonne Joseph, Radek Fajgar
Young researchers of the Project: Marija Prosheva, Tajana Kostadinova, Ana Trajcheva, Iranzu Barbarin, Maryam Ehsani, Martin Kostejn

WORKSHOP program, 6. June, 2019 12:00 Introduction and presentation of the Workshop participants by the host organizer Dr. Radek Fajgar

12:30:13:30h Visit of the laboratories of Laser Chemistry Group at ICPF, Prague


13:30h 14:00 Discussions with the members of the Laser Chemistry Group at ICPF about the ongoing research in the Laser Chemistry Department


14:00-14:25h Coffee break

14:30h – 15:00h Maryam Ehsani Topic: Graphene Nanocomposites Polymer based Films for Gas Sensing


15:00-15:30h Ana Trajcheva Topic: Synthesis, characterization and sensor properties of GNRs polymer nanocomposites

15:30h – 16:00h Marija Prosheva Topic: Synthesis, characterization and sensor properties of rGO/MWCNT and G/MWCNT reinforced composites

16:00 -16:20 h Radek Fajgar Topic: Laser ablation techniques


16:20 – 16:40 Martin Kostejn Topic: Reactive pulsed laser deposition of silicides and germanides of transient metals

16:40 – 17:00 Vladislav Drinek Topic: Gas phase chemical vapour deposition

17:00-17:30 Coffee Break

17:30-18:00 Tajana Kostadinova Topic: Promising gas sensors obtained by doping of graphene with Pt, Pd and Rh by pulsed laser deposition

18:00h – 18:30h Iranzu Barbarin Topic: 3D rGO/polymer porous composite monoliths for CO2 capture


18:30 – 19:00h Radek Fajgar Topic: Characterization techniques and the latest progress in the G5244 achieved at ICPF

19:00 Conference dinner

Meeting of Project Co-directors, 7. June, 2019 9:00h Meeting start, individual presentations of Project co-directors of the progress done so far within respective work package

9:00h WP1- Radmila Tomovska

9:30h WP2 Jadranka Blazevska-Gilev

10:00h WP3 Yvonne Joseph

10.30h WP4 Radek Fajgar

11:00h Lunch

12:00 Discussions of the progress achieved and plan of joint publications

12:30h Training stays of the young project researchers

13:00 Future plans and collaborations

15:00 Brain storming discussions. Young Project researchers were present new ideas related with the ongoing research within G5244

16:00 End of the meeting. Concluding remarks