The meeting was held through Skype on 17th April, 2018.

  • RadmilaTomovska, POLYMAT, EHU/UPV, San Sebastian, Spain;
  • JadrankaBlazevska-Gilev, FTM, UKIM, Skopje, R.Macedonia;
  • Yvonne Joseph, IESM, Freiberg, Germany;
  • RadekFajgar, ICPF, CAS, Prague, Czech Republic.

In the frame of the meeting were discussed the following topics:

  1. Progress report

Each participant made a short elaboration of the results that will be presented in the report. Discussions for preparation of progress report concerned a common concept for the presentation of the individual progresses of each participating group in the project.

Some problems related to the conductivity of the films obtained with pulsed laser ablation due the very low thickness of the films were discussed, and problems related to the sensor and electrical measurements and different solutions were proposed by the partners that will be implemented within the next project period.

  1. Trainings

The results obtained during the first training stay of the Macedonian young researcher in POLYMAT, San Sebastian, Spain were discussed.

The ongoing trainings in POLYMAT, San Sebastian and in ICPF, CAS, Prague were discussed as well. Namely, Ana Trajcheva, young researcher from FTM team currently is at POLYMAT, with plan to produce polymer/graphene nanoribbons composites.

The researcher Monika Doneva currently is realizing her stay in ICPF, Prague, working on doping of graphene with rhodium, palladium and platinum using pulsed UV laser.

Two other stays were planned, the one of Marija Prosheva in IESM, Freiberg, starting from May2018 (for two months) to work on measuring the electrical and sensor properties of composites prepared in Skopje and San Sebastian.

The second stay is planned for Hans Lesny, young researcher from IESM, Freiberg to spend two months working on synthesis and characterization of waterborne composite materials in POLYMAT.

In addition it is planned a bilateral meeting of Prof. Gilev and Prof. Tomovska in San Sebastian (2.06.-12.06.2018). Prof Gilev will be included in the training process of both Macedonian researchers and plans for future work, elaboration of results and possible publications will be discussed.

  1. Future work

Future goals are solving the problems with the conductivity of the samples and preparation of thin films suitable for sensor measurements, and to equilibrate better the two project parts: (1) materials preparation and characterization and (2) their sensor properties determination.